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Industry round up - June 26, 2020

It is time for another roll out of the Industry Round Up! We have been delighted to see some of the world’s top brands and media emerging with such creative PR campaigns, as well as more welcome social media updates on the way. Take a peek for yourself…

Jägermeister promises “The good times will come again”

Jägermeister has designed a special #SaveTheNight bottle in aid of the heavily affected nightlife industry following COVID-19. Partnering up with renowned Berlin based DJ Peggy Gou, the company will donate 1 Million Euro to selected venues, events, artists, promoters, and initiatives in 10 different countries around the world. The label was designed by German illustrator Max Löffler, and features three parts: the portal, the tunnel and gridlines, and a light beam. The three sections are designed to symbolise the current situation, the path towards better days and hope. To deliver home the positive message, on the back the label says: “The good times will come again”. An inspiring move by one of the world’s leading liquor companies!

Vogue Italia commissions children to design eight special editions

Following on its from its blank white April cover, signifying the beginning of lockdown, the creative team at Vogue Italia were thinking outside the box again with the latest series of special edition covers. Eight children aged between two and ten were asked to ‘redesign’ the fashion looks that are in this season, and the results were absolutely fantastic! Editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti stated that the latest issue is dedicated to children, because ‘they are the most overlooked and least obvious victims of the pandemic that is affecting us all.’ Creativity at its finest!

How Coronavirus misinformation spreads

We found this recent article from PRovoke on ‘How Coronavirus Misinformation Spreads’ to be a very insightful look into some of the misinformation narratives spread through media in the height of the crisis. While engagement with the pandemic topped that of all other news stories combined over the last few months, some of that engagement has unfortunately been on stories with poor foundation in facts. This article focuses in on the rapid spread of false narratives across three major topics of the COVID-19 crisis: hydroxychloroquine, 5G, and the ‘Plandemic’ documentary. According to PRovoke, the controversy of hydroxychloroquine and Donald Trump alone generated up to 17 million engagements per day at its peak. Have a read for yourself here.

Tweets reactions are on their way

Twitter is testing out a new option that would enable you to respond to a tweet with an emoji, an addition to the various response options currently available. If Twitter does roll out emoji reactions, it will have a range of implications on data tracking, creative options, and trends. For now, Twitter has not given away any more details as to how this option might be introduced, but reaction-style options have become an increasingly habitual behaviour for online users. As a popular, easy way for people to share an emotional reaction, without having to comment specifically, we are excited to see the effects hopefully coming soon.

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