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Industry round up

The last few weeks and months have seen businesses everywhere rapidly updating their PR and social media strategies. Here are a few of our favourite trends, PR moves, and social media updates that we have seen over the last few weeks.

A Twitter takeover in Oklahoma

While many public institutions have been forced to close temporarily in the pandemic, the National Cowboy Museum of Oklahoma responded by adopting a fresh approach to their social media strategy. In a brilliant move, the museum handed over its Twitter account to its head of security, who posted fun facts and photos of the exhibits. It was clear to all that he had never used Twitter before, but the combination of wholesome content and the many Twitter mishaps made the PR move all the more entertaining. A great example of a business responding to the pandemic with light-hearted content that not only engaged with customers, but lifted spirits too!

ColaCao thanks essential workers with a creative twist

Meanwhile, the popular Spanish brand ColaCao found a creative way to pay tribute to front line workers in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. The leader in the Spanish instant cocoa market completely redesigned its packaging for the first time in fifteen years. By replacing the brand name with the word “Gracias”, ColaCao changed up its iconic packaging to thank all the healthcare workers, police and other essential workers. Not only was this a fitting and creative gesture, but the profits of this solidarity campaign will go to the Spanish food bank.

Emma Tucker, editor of ‘The Sunday Times’, is taking on digital media

Turning to the media landscape, Monocle’s editor in chief, Tyler Brûlé, met with Emma Tucker, the editor of ‘The Sunday Times’, to discuss what it’s like to cover a global pandemic, the importance of Sunday journalism and how digital can complement, not replace, print media. We really enjoyed this interview as Emma shares her thoughts on the importance of embracing digital media while maintaining distinct print media to captivate all audiences. Interviews, exclusives, and investigative journalism have become as vital to the digital era as they are to Sunday journalism. You can listen here for some great insights into the value of Sunday journalism and Emma’s goal of making ‘The Sunday Times’ the leading title in digital media.

Instagram tests out a story switch-up

Lastly, back in the world of social media, we were excited to hear that Instagram is currently testing a new double-story stories feed with some users. Instagram stories are becoming increasingly popular and are already on track to overtake the news feed as the primary location for social media engagement. At some point, Instagram will likely look to switch the main focus of the app from the traditional user feed to a Stories feed from the get-go. That could mean that, eventually, your Instagram app will open on the first frame of the first Story in your tray, then let you skip through Stories from there. For now, Instagram is still in the early stages of story testing, but who knows - this could open up a realm of new possibilities for brands and business to engage with their following in the future!

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