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January 13, 2017

World’s First “Smart” American Football Turns Every Fan into Their Favorite NFL Team’s Star Player

13th January 2017 – One the world’s most popular sporting events – the Super Bowl – is quickly approaching. Taking place on Sunday, 5th February 2017, the NFL’s two top teams will face off in Houston, Texas.

For UK fans anxious to partake in the build-up, the Wilson X Connected Football offers a completely new way to replicate the heart thumping, pure adrenaline moments that a Super Bowl quarterback experiences, all while holding a real American football in their hands.

The Wilson X Connected Football contains a tiny, undetectable sensor that is embedded in an actual Wilson American football. The sensor, which connects via Bluetooth to the Wilson X Connected Football app on any mobile device, tracks a fan’s throw distance, velocity, spiral efficiency, spin rate, and if the football was caught or dropped. Players also receive their very own quarterback ranking score.

Once in the app, fans can create their own male or female NFL quarterback avatar, selecting from any of the NFL’s 32 teams. Through five exciting game modes, including QB Warm Up, Elimination, Precision, Game Time and Final Drive, a rich audio experience, and a deep set of never before seen stats, fans will feel the rush of being their team’s quarterback, and the mastermind behind those Super Bowl moments – all while the clock is counting, their opponents are plotting, and the fans are cheering.

At the end of each game or session, players have access to game and performance analytics. Further, Wilson X Connected Football players can see how they rank against other users around the globe or amongst their friends, share stats with family and friends via social media, unlock trophies, and challenge friendly rivals to face-offs for ultimate bragging rights.

With the Wilson X Connected Football, the experience of playing in a Super Bowl is always ready – whether in the back garden, at the beach or in the park - and always open for play. The football’s sensor contains a low-power battery that has been engineered to last for more than 500 hours of connected play, or approximately 200,000 passes.

The Wilson X Connected Football retails for £160 and is available now at Fanatics and Football America. The companion app is free and is available for download from the Apple Store and via Google Play.

Interested in testing the Wilson X Connected Football for yourself? Please contact:


Hopscotch Europe
+44 (0)208 133 3140

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