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May 12, 2015




People love to find new music, but paradoxically, it takes time and can be tedious


Paris, May 12, 2015 – After raising more than $300,000 to create their services, today marks the official launch of The Best Song, an iOS and Android app that helps users to find the best songs hidden deep within the ocean of music.


The Best Song is to music as what TripAdvisor is to travel – a trusted way to find new music. Co-founder and CEO Adrien Moret explains that “we feel that ‘popular’ songs are not always the best ones. But digging deep to find the songs one truly loves can take a tedious amount of time and effort. So we created an app that allows people to easily find the ‘best songs’ of any artist, album or genre using the best of community curating and individual recommendations.”


Simply swipe through song suggestions using selected filters to discover your next favourite song. Swipe right and the song is added to your playlist, swipe left to delete it from your catalog. Save your selections in your personal playlist to share it with your friends. Or take “best songs” suggested by your friends and turn them into your personal radio station.


The Best Song is also compatible with leading music streaming and platform services, enabling users to truly maximize their listening options. Co-founder Shayane Grédoire remarks that “gathering everyone together in the music sphere, The Best Song wants to reinvent the way we listen to music by creating a social top of the charts model based on direct user votes, rather than sales or the number of times a song is listened to.’’


In the build-up to today’s official launch, more than 10,000 beta testers swiped more than 20,000 songs a day as The Best Song featured at Product Hunt, a popular “early adopter” online community.


The Parisian start-up was a finalist in the Fnac Pro Startup Competition in Paris and the Rethink Music Venture Day 2014 in Berlin. The Best Song was also chosen to present at the Dublin Web Summit Alpha Stage – the starting point for Uber, Nest and Vine. More recently, The Best Song was selected as a finalist at the Start-Up competition of the ‘’Tour de France’’ tech contest and will appear as one of 10 finalists at the Midem de Cannes in the “music discovery” category.





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